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Olympic Liveblog M4-

Still a brisk cross tail wind today.  The water is quite bouncy in the middle thousand. Heat 1: … read more

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Still a brisk cross tail wind today.  The water is quite bouncy in the middle thousand.

Heat 1: New Zealand, Australia,  Serbia, Canada, Germany 

Early leaders are Canada – bit of a crowd pleaser with Australia second, Serbia third and Germany fourth with NZ last.  First 3 go to Semi Finals.  New Zealand pressing on at 500m but Australia half a length ahead at 750 and move out to clear water ahead of Canada & Serbia within a canvas.   Serbia are seeded and move ahead of Canada and New Zealand now chasing for the third qualifying spot.  1500 Canada 1/3 length ahead of Serbia and NZ who are now level.   Germany come in strongly and race past Canada. NZ getting dropped.  At the line Australia win Germany 1 length behind and Canada third half a length behind.  New Olympic Record for Australia.

Heat 2: Romania, Belarus, Great Britain, Czech Republic  

The British crew are looking hugely relaxed leading this second heat with clear water.  Romania second place clear water behind the Brits.  Czech and Belarus fighting for third – Belarus just a canvas in front.  Turning into a bit of a processional race.   Coming past the grandstand huge cheering for the British quartet and the Romanians taking the rate up a bit –  Belarus shorten up a lot as they sprint but the Czechs are working really hard — rate up all the way but still in fourth, just.  And a trip to the rep.

Heat 3: Netherlands, USA, Italy, Greece

Italian fans preparing for a noisy cheering race behind us.  Early leaders are Greece and USA at 500m.  Italians pressing hard behind the Greeks and Netherlands a canvas off 2nd place.    USA confident out in front with 1.25 length clear of the field.  Italians fade out towards the back of the field.  Greece and the Netherlands neck and neck for second.   Still USA out in front and Dutch and Greeks side by side… Greeks by  a foot – surge but Tuch not giving up.  Italians a length back and not in contention.   Dutch sprint hard and make it by half a length to the second qualifying spot.

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Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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