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  • Rowing Cox – part of a university recruiting service, this blog has made the list because of the challenges its author has answered.  He writes from deep experience about coxing technique, how to teach and trials with how to accelerate learning.
  • Coxmate  – written by a manufacturer of coxing amplifiers this blog is trying to help all coxswains and coaches by collating worldwide coxing news and information.  Over the year they’ve published two free email advice series for beginners and for side by side racing written by Andy Probert and Michael Toon.  Tackling issues like how to lose weight and how to prepare for training camps, this is a useful site.  It’s Resources for Coxswains page also has steering guides for big races like HOCR and Tideway.
  • The Coxswain Perspective by Rory Copus is very focused on local knowledge and his realisation that huge numbers of new coxes join Oxford clubs each year and need to learn the skills fast.  His recent posts on language differences between US and UK cox-speak and the basics of coxing are good examples.

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