Safety for Rowing in the Dark

You merely go to sleep in the dark

Stay Safe While Rowing In The Dark……………………….

Rowing in diminished light requires you to have lights on your boat. (Launch drivers too)

  • The technically correct lighting is a single white light visible from 360 degrees. This requires having a special light fitted and is not that practical.
  • On OUR stretch of water, two bicycle lights, one on pointing off bow and one pointing off stern will suffice. They ought to be both white, but one white off bow and one red off stern (i.e. a pair of bicycle lights) would do.
  • ANY lights are better than No lights.
  • The best lights are these (below) bicycle lights that are held on by an integral rubber strap. They can be fixed on to the rigger in seconds and removed without the need for any special bracket or fixture. They are cheap and easily available in Halfords or a good bike shop. The batteries also last for hours.

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