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Yoga for Rowers – your own yoga classes

How wonderful. A Yoga book for the rowing community. Yoga for Rowers Yoga for rowers is the first … read more

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How wonderful. A Yoga book for the rowing community.

Yoga for Rowers

Yoga for rowers is the first book of its kind – written for rowers and showing how to take proven
techniques from the mat onto the water. It is written for all program levels & coaches – from
highschool up to masters.

Yoga for Rowers, Book review

Chrys Kozak’s Yoga for Rowers offer a program of twelve postures designed to improve all four parts
of a rower’s stroke. These postures, which target focus, balance, strength, and hip flexibility, are
regular features of an average yoga class, and Kozak has clearly experienced the benefits of yoga in
her rowing. It was building Physical & Mental Strength. Buy here. Do your own yoga classes and be your own yoga instructor. This book shows targeted poses for each phase of the rowing cycle in large full color photos and
outlines specifically what these poses do. The instructions are easy to follow and the program is easy
to fit into your existing training program.

Yoga for Rowers will dramatically improve your oarsmanship:

  • Increasing your length of stroke
  • Improving power
  • Allowing you to train harder with fewer injuries
  • Exponentially developing flexibility and core strength
  • Fine tuning your sense of balance & sensory awareness
  • Developing your mental focus. A minimum of 15 minutes a day is all it takes.

Overall, this book is a useful tool for rowers to harness the benefits of yoga to improve each individual part of the stroke as well as the complete practice of rowing.

The book has testimonials from an Olympic coach, FISA World gold medalists, National gold medalists, an Oxford Boat Race champion, Head of the Charles competitors & more! Yoga for Rowers includes workouts & calendars (65 pages, 8,5 cm by 21cm). Go to the shop get your E-Book and read more:

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