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Why isn’t rowing innovating as fast as other sports?

Why hasn’t rowing training and equipment raced ahead like other sports (sailing, cycling)?  Here is a video with … read more

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Why hasn’t rowing training and equipment raced ahead like other sports (sailing, cycling)?  Here is a video with Carlos Dinares’ reflections on the subject.

For what it’s worth, my personal views are

  1. The conservative people “do what they’ve always done”. This can be frustrating because advances in equipment may only give mili-seconds difference in race results whereas physiologies can make a much bigger difference but take longer to train and develop.
  2. Many good coaches don’t want to take risks with their training methods and equipment because of the uncertainty of outcomes.
  3. We find many won’t even try a different oar or scull shape (Dreher rounds) even though we’ve proven they go faster for lightweights and women.

Decide for yourself – or join the conversation by telling us what you think in the comments.

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