Where to find a training program for adult novice rowing

A question from Joe

“We have a number of adult novices(sculling). Where can I find best program outlines for adult beginners?”

You don’t say where you are located. If in the UK go to the  British Rowing website and there is a place where you can find a club.

If you are a coach and want program i.e. training programmes, you can buy some ebooks

Teaching Sculling to beginners – first few lessons by Mike Sullivan

How to run a learn to row / scull course – has a detailed training programme inside

Exercises to help scullers get their blades off the water 

Handling your sculling boat on land and water –
Sculling safety manual are both good for coaches

We also have some coaches who will write a training program for you.
Buy this and you can get a program for a month or possibly more

Please come back to me if these don’t answer your questions.


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