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What to wear with Wellies

How to wear your wellies and rain boots Rubber boots have many names, Rain Boots, Rubber Chique and … read more

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How to wear your wellies and rain boots

Rubber boots have many names, Rain Boots, Rubber Chique and Wellies: Wellies, or more correctly, Wellington Boots are also know as Gum Boots in some places. We like the name Wellies the best: Welly boots are usually made of rubber, natural or synthetic. This makes them, when in good repair, 100% water proof ideal footwear for any wet or muddy circumstances.

Different feeling

Wellies have a round toe and are flat, and generally wide. You may find your wellies fit better with thick socks, or even two pairs of socks. Wellies generally last a while so for children, it’s common to buy them a little bigger than strictly required. Ensure comfort by wearing the most suitable, appropriate socks. They are also often not lined so socks can really make a difference to fit and comfort. There are even socks ‘designed’ to be worn with wellies which you may like to try. Look online or at your local department store or other suitable retailer.

Wellies and rain boots: Effortless chique also as Chelsea boots

There are few formal occasions when wellies are suitable. Obviously, since the fashion police don’t really exist, you won’t get into any serious trouble for wearing your gumboots to a job interview or donning your wellies for a funeral, but, you might not feel comfortable or appropriately attired in wellies in a formal setting. There are plenty of occasions, even social ones, where wellies are ideal. Here are a few times and places you can wear your wellies: In case you are short of time: Check them out in our online shop.

  • The park on a rainy days
  • The beaches
  • How about at winter picnics?
  • A Shooting Party
  • Walking in the snow and in the Dirt
  • Gardening
  • Music Festivals
  • Visiting agricultural sites and countryside

and off course you wear it on different rowing related activities:Helsinki Women's PU – Coat red

  • Rowing
    • walking your boat to the water
    • mounting your seat and food stretchers while standing next to the boat
    • cleaning your boat with the water hose
    • cleaning up the club house
    • watching your kids at a regatta, while rain is pouring down

Wiki/How recommends: Wear trousers, pants or jeans with your wellies.

  • Wear your welly boots under the pants, trouser or jean leg – this will keep your legs and feet dry but your garments may get wet   if you wade or walk in a deep puddle.
  • Wear your trousers, pants or jeans tucked inside your boots – wrap the loose fabric of your trouser leg around your calf and pull your boots on over it. You’re free to walk in water that reaches just below the top of your welly now and you and your garments will stay dry.
  • Wear your trousers, pants or Jeans tucked inside your socks, inside your boots. If you want to keep your trousers leg from bunching up inside your boot, pull your sock over the trouser leg and your boot over both. This is a warm and cosy way to wear wellies.

Wellies and rain boots:

Wear leggins, even your rowing gear, a skirt or shorts or track pants with your wellies. Wellies are pretty casual attire. If you want to wear a skirt or some short with wellies on a hot day that still requires wellies, go for it. Wear anything you like and feel comfortable in. Denim fabric can look good with traditional black or green wellies.

What about the colors:

Wellies come in all kinds of colors: Black, green, red, with flowers and other ornaments. Red, Green and also black are selling well. Fashion wellies can be bought for women and children especially, although they are less common for guys. Put together your outfit including your wellies, or just wear what you like and add the wellies in the most comfortable and practical way. Here is what WIKIhow says:

  • Classic Green Wellies with tan or brown corduroy trousers, a white, open collar shirt and a tweed jacket.
  • Black wellies, faded blue jeans and a thick, cream or white knitted jersey or jumper
  • Black fashion wellies with navy denim jeans and a lumberjack style shirt
  • Shiny red wellies and a yellow sowester coat and hat, classic!
  • Printed wellies, white leggings and a bright, block colour tee
  • A floral dress with a full skirt and any wellies (often seen at festivals)

After all this, are there any considerations before I should buy some wellies? Yes, see this: Driving a car or motorcycle riding – wellies are not ideal for driving and motorcycling. Do not wear them if you have a choice or you feel your control of the vehicle is compromised. Mountain hiking and using Wellies as snow boots on the slopes? Please dont.

About Tom Wall
Tom Wall ist passionierter Masters Ruderer und hat seit einiger Zeit seine Liebe für Wanderfahrten entdeckt Tom is a passionate masters rowers and the owner of the Rowperfect Faster Masters Brand View all posts from Tom Wall

4 thoughts on “What to wear with Wellies

  1. Do I really have to consider this article as serious and relevant information. Maybe it is different in other countries, but I think rowers in the Netherlands don’t care about the colour of their rain boots and what to wear with it.

    1. Yes- the boat race colours are missing – well I guess just the Oxford dark blue, Cambridge blue is there (mint). Having the light blue on stock does not mean we favour one boat over the other.

  2. Do I really have to take this article serious and relevant. When it is wet I wear wellies, without caring what colour they have or whether they match with the rest of my clothing. In the Netherlands most rowers are to down to earth to care about this.

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