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What To Expect From Rowing – Probably Not Elephants

What To Expect From A Rowing Training Session The type and the number of sessions you perform in … read more

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Elephant Rowing

What To Expect From A Rowing Training Session

The type and the number of sessions you perform in a week should be determined by your ultimate goal. It is important to be realistic about the targets you set yourself.

There are main goals that rowing is appropriate for:

  • Satisfying your competitiveness (Winning)
  • Getting fit
  • Having Fun

Can you think of any others? Leave your goals in the comment section below.

Obviously, your goal in many ways sets what you should expect from your training sessions. If you’re training for competition then you can expect long, hard, painful trainings. If you’re there to get fit then you can expect the same. If you’re only there to have fun and make friends then it could be a more relaxing time (depending on your coach and crew of course).

Go To British Rowing To Find Out What You Can Actually Expect…


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