What Rowing Force Curves reveal about rowers


WorldRowing just published this article What Rowing Force Curves reveal about rowers – it  is so beneficial for us club coaches and athletes to get insight into what the top rowing coaches are doing with their crews.

It’s also clear that the Concept2 force curves are not mentioned at all in the article.  This is because they are insensitive to athlete input and are not easy to change by rowing different technique.  This is the main difference between RP and C2 force curves.  RP curve is very sensitive and you can notice changes as you adapt your technique very quickly – the athlete can see quickly when they are changing and that helps maintain focus.

One hurdle I have noticed with new technology is that some coaches LOVE the process of discovery and experimentation while others LOATHE it, preferring to get guidance and advice first.

Using a Rowperfect is new for many coaches and I have written an advice guide called “How to Coach

How to coach using Rowperfect ebook
Ebook – How to coach using Rowperfect

Using Rowperfect” which sets out in 22 short lessons a range of coaching objectives and how these can be achieved.  Topics include:

  • Where should I start coaching with Rowperfect
  • Taking Rowperfect data onto the water
  • Developing crew combinations
  • Using power per stroke as your secret coaching weapon
  • What makes fast crews

It’s all on the Rowperfect.co.uk website shop and we are also happy to answer questions from coaches.

Buy a second hand Rowperfect for yourself – we also hire them please enquire.


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