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What News? This week online in rowing Here’s your weekly opportunity to enjoy tales from others who also … read more

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What News? This week online in rowing
Here’s your weekly opportunity to enjoy tales from others who also love rowing. This weekly round-up is for a short list of interesting, in-depth articles for you to read over the weekend.

This week in the rowing online news several stories caught our eye:

  • Whining Australian, dropped from Olympic crew, falls back on “bipolar” diagnosis to explain why she didn’t get on with her crew mates.  Well, that’s the unkind version of her story.  Pippa’s travails and trials
  • Well done Paddy Ryan and London Youth Rowing for winning club of the year.
  • The Jubilee Flotilla in the UK has representatives from Marlborough Boys College, New Zealand here’s a photo of the lads before they flew out.
  • Bulgarian rowing coach opens new drinking fountain in London’s Kensington Gardens – tenuous connection, I know.

And of course, if you have news that you think other readers would enjoy – send it to us via our contact page. Each day we tweet and retweet short rowing news links that our followers are sharing – to get these follow @rowperfect on Twitter.

About Rebecca Caroe
Rebecca is the host of RowingChat podcast and is a masters athlete and coach. Passionate about helping others enjoy the sport as much as she does. View all posts from Rebecca Caroe

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