What News? This week online in rowing 23rd March, 2012

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This week in the rowing online news several stories caught our eye:

However, the world champion lightweights prevailed in a dramatic heavyweight coxless four’s championship. After jumping out to an early lead, the crew of Edwards, Beltz, Benjamin Cureton and Todd Skipworth fought to hold on to a slim lead over the cream of the men’s heavyweight sweep squad who were split into two different fours. Despite steering issues that hampered the Drew Ginn four early on in the race the crew reached a climax in the last 100m as they crossed into the lane of the other heavyweight four, who in turn collided with the lightweights.

The world champions held their nerve, untangled themselves, and crossed the line as winners. The two heavyweight fours were later disqualified.

  • British Rowing’s survey to guide the next 4 years of the sporting plan.
  • Our own Facebook page with new timeline feature
  • RowTV has uploaded video of the London Eights Head and previously the Womens Eights Head [scroll down the page].  Well worth following this YouTube channel as you get an email alert every time they upload new content.
  • The Cambridge University lent bumps as viewed from the bow of a boat – sweet!

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