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What age are British Junior Rowing Trials aimed at?

What age are the British Rowing trials for juniors aimed at? They are designed to select crews to … read more

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What age are the British Rowing trials for juniors aimed at?

They are designed to select crews to race Under 16s in the England France match and Under 18s for the World Junior Rowing Championships and the Coupe de Jeunesse (European juniors).

Typically, your child has to be exceptionally strong and with great sculling skill and a superb ergo score to get picked if they are U16 or U17. Most kids only make the team for one year i.e. in their oldest possible age to be within the restriction – that’s because the standard is very high.

More information on the British Rowing Website about Junior Trials includes dates for selections.


2015 Season

Coaches of GB Junior Candidates, Masters i/c Rowing, Club Captains and Coaches i/c Juniors are invited to attend the GB Rowing Team Junior Wash-Up Meeting – please click HERE for further details.

To request information regarding Junior rower registration for the 2015 season please contact

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