Weybridge Juniors raise £1800

Rowperfect supported the Weybridge Rowing Club juniors section for a recent fund raising quiz night.  Here's what happened.

Good Morning Rowperfect team!
I just want to update and thank you for the support you have given us with the quiz night we did at Sunbury manor school on 26th September.
The event went really well, we had between 180 to 190 people there, which included 28 juniors from the club. We had a massive raffle with 65 prizes! You will see from the thank you note we had quite a selection of goodies! Also had a couple of games on the go that raised quite a bit too. A friend of ours is a hairdresser for James Cracknell’s mum so she used that connection to gain us a signed T shirt from James and an all-in-one suit, plus a signed book from James and Ben Fogle! The ploughman’s supper went down brilliantly, especially as we managed to add £60 pounds worth of sausages to it from the sausage man, Mark at Kerry Foods!! It really was a great evening and we as a team  managed to raise £1822 towards either a boat or coaching for the club. Jenny                                                                                                                                              

To all the fantastic
 Companies, Shops, Marinas, Hotels ,Pubs, Restaurants, Parks, Gardens, Museums ,Cinemas, Hairdressers, Garden Centres and Clubs!
                                       A GREAT BIG VOTE OF THANKS!!
                                                      Weybridge Rowing Club

We asked you to donate to the raffle for our Quiz Night and you responded magnificently.
The event was an absolute success and £1822 was raised towards a boat and coaching for the club members. Weybridge rowing club has to support itself and your generosity is helping us ensure we can carry on teaching children and adults  to learn to row.

Who knows? Your donations could be helping to nurture champions in future Olympics!
                                            YOU HAVE BEEN BRILLIANT!!!!!

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