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Visit from Peter Hodson, Designer of Coxmate

Peter Hodson is visiting the UK and we took the opportunity to catch up on some of the finer details of his Coxmate range of products.

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Peter Hodson CoxmatePeter Hodson is visiting the UK and we took the opportunity to catch up on some of the finer details of his Coxmate range of products.

  1. Speed measurement on the HC – offers a choice of meters per second or 500 meter splits. I asked Peter about how it averages and he confirmed that this is a one stroke measurement i.e. it is not an average.
  2. Instantaneous speed measurement on the SCT with the GPS is dependent on the frequency of GPS satellite signal updating.; This happens nominally every 1 second. Therefore, if you are rating 30 strokes per minute you will get two samples per stroke. If you are rating 20 then you will get three samples per stroke. However when you are rating say 24 you will get between two and a half samples per stroke and so the speed reading will fluctuate depending on whether it got 3 or 2 readings during that stroke cycle. The average speed readings will not have this issue because the SCT averages from the start of the timer.
  3. Screen contrast on HC – within the software is a temperature sensor that is used to set the voltage that sets the screen contrast. Therefore in high temperatures contrast is maintained.
  4. SRT+ the newly designed Coxmate for rate / time / voice has an easy-to-change battery. It is now sold in two versions: one with magnetic mount and one with a non-magnetic mount and this version comes with an adapter for NK flower pot holder.
  5. SCT HC software now has improved printing graphical output. It automatically shows grid lines on printouts. Thanks to Agecrofts Denis Neill for this suggestion which has been implemented.
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