URGENT – have you got a rowing story to tell?

We are compiling a book to be printed for Christmas, called Rowing Tales.

Rowing Tales funny images
Image Credit: Anna Railton

We need five more stories before we go to print.

The book will have illustrations, photos and audio or video stills.

Would you like to join the Rowing Tales Project?

Could be 50 words, could be 500 words. we’ll consider poems, photos with a caption, a nice line drawing. Anything that moves all of our minds on a notch.

Send over your story – either write it in an email or do a voice recording MP3 and email the file to us.

Get involved

Write to me becky@rowperfect.co.uk and cc to rowperfectuk@gmail.com That address is for Sudip Mutt, our Partnerships Manager, who is doing the administration on this project. Make the subject of the email “Rowing Tales”.

We have got stories about novice crews, about wildlife encountered, about flipping out of the boat, about winning races, about losing races.  Nobody knows your story yet – please share it with us.

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