Un-used Rowperfect gathering dust in your club?

Hi. We have a Rowperfect Machine. I believe purchased a while ago. It has sat unused, a real shame.

English: Photo of a RowPerfect indoor rowing. ...
English: Photo of a RowPerfect indoor rowing. Photo taken by Johnteslade and released into public domain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve got a few of these emails from rowing clubs.  We hate seeing good equipment sitting idle.

Here’s what you can do

Start using your Rowperfect

If you need instruction – start with reading the manuals.

There are two manuals – one for RP3 and one for the classic.  Go to the Rowperfect Manuals page.  It has a lot of helpful information about set up, servicing and maintenance that apply to all Rowperfect machines.

Teach your coaching team how to get to our email training course “How to Coach using Rowperfect” which will give them even more information; we also recommend subscribing to our newsletter where there are a lot of ongoing advisory articles as well as an archive – search the category “Rowperfect” or “RP3” or “Rowperfect Software” for more insight.

We look forward to hearing more about how you are using RP and it’s success in guiding your athletes to improved boat moving skill and technical prowess.

Sell your Rowperfect

If you aren’t using it – free up the money by selling it second hand.  Email us and we’ll list it for sale for you and charge a modest commission.

3 thoughts on “Un-used Rowperfect gathering dust in your club?

  1. Lewin Hynes says:

    Send me a check for £29.99 and please be ready to accept a bill for milage at a very reasonable 21p per mile for long journeys and I will happily take it off your hands for you.

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