To the Rescue!

Rowperfect was contacted by the University of Chester a month ago.  Due to accidents they were suddenly without a row boat and rowing oars for their preparation for the BUSA regatta.

We introduced them to a couple of people who could help with a boat and offered a set of our Dreher Apex sweep oars for them to use as blades.

BUSA was fantastic thank you, we got both our mens and womens novice 4+ crews to the finals of their events so a good weekend all round, thanks for all your help over the past few weeks.
Andy Gilmore, Captain

Daz Ventham and Andy Gilmore set the whole arrangement up.

If your boat club or crew has a minor 'crisis' and needs to borrow equipment, please ask.  Rowperfect stocks rowing oars, cox boxes, sculls and magik oarlocks.  We may be able to help.  Rowperfect has a wide network of friends in British Rowing and we make introductions and help facilitate arrangements like this quite frequently.

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