Thor Nilsen on C2 versus RP

Rowperfect met Thor Nilson the FISA Development Director at his offices in Seville.  He kindly allowed us to interview him about his experiences and he gave us some great advice for coaches.

“If you start to teach novices on the C2 the feedback is not there and so as a coach you need to control the athlete all the time.  But with Rowperfect the feedback quickly teaches them.

Concept 2 is a fitness machine, and a good one.  But if you are a serious rower and sit on C2 all the time it isn’t the best way to develop and keep your technique.  On the RP you must move and check the timing between the catch and the leg drive – if you do it wrong you move up and down the bar.  The feeling of the movement is so important.  As a rower if you want to use the ergometer for the rowing movement the Rowperfect is the one to use.”


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