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The Perfect Rowing Program by GB Rowing

A four week training programme comparing an Olympic Rower with a novice training volumes. The workouts seem pretty … read more

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A four week training programme comparing an Olympic Rower with a novice training volumes.

The workouts seem pretty tough for a novice – 30 minutes swim plus 5k on ergo in one day (after 4 weeks training) is a lot for a beginner.

Plus four images of ‘perfect’ rowing on a rowing machine including this example of the Finish.  The photo and description do not match up.

Makes you wonder who at SAS and British Rowing proof reads these things!

rowing machine technique at finish This is NOT the rowing machine finish body position.

SAS measurement services for British Rowing

They are sending out press releases all the time about the SAS services.  And finally in response to my request for details about what SAS measures, I got this response from the multimedia manager

But to give you a slightly better idea of how things work in terms of the data collection, the technology that SAS use collects measurements of heart-rate, body mass, muscle strength and core strength (amongst others) which in turn allows coaches and sports scientists to make more well informed decisions on how best to train their athletes. The computer software also designs the Perfect Rowing Programme, which is tailored around the data collected from each individual.

The analysis can also help to predict – and thus avoid – injury to the athletes and can help to identify up-and-coming talent through their data modelling. For instance, at the Indoor Championships this weekend there will be a plethora of up-and-coming talent trying their hand. The coaches can directly measure their data and how it relates to current Team GB squad members and that may play a part in a young athletes future chances of making the squad. Similarly, you’ll be able to see everyone’s data during the event, meaning, for instance, a young hopeful can see Pete Reed’s performance numbers and attempt to match them. 

GB athletes preview British Rowing Indoor Championships, partnered by SAS 

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