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The Olympic Virtual Series – Rowing Event has started! Sign in!

We reported before about the Olympic Virtual Series Rowing Event before. It’s online and incredibly easy to participate! … read more

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We reported before about the Olympic Virtual Series Rowing Event before.

It’s online and incredibly easy to participate!

Sign in here:

Lets have a look what shares about the event:

What is the Olympic Virtual Series Rowing event?

The OVS Rowing event is a non-competitive event where rowers around the world will join
forces and try to row from Rio to Tokyo. By logging your workout, you gain tokens that can be
used to support one out of three programmes from the Olympic Refuge Foundation. Each week
we will join together with former Olympians, IOC ambassadors and pro athletes to motivate
everybody for a weekly workout.

How does it work?

The rowing activities in the Olympic Virtual Series are open to all participants using any rowing machine or boat to which they have access. From 31 May to 23 June, participants can join by logging their metres rowed in the OVS Web App to collectively row from Rio to Tokyo while supporting the Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF).The series is for rowers of all types, ages, and experience levels. Participants can log their metres rowed to move their country to the top of the OVS Rowing leaderboard in the collective row to Tokyo to create a little friendly competition.

Olympic Day 23rd of June

As part of our Olympic day celebrations, we will invite all participants to help give us the lasthard push to get us from Rio to Tokyo. Every hour we will join in from the broadcast studio, with engaging mini-games, rowing history, expert talks. The studio will also call up our friends allaround the world to see what they are doing to help us cross the finish line and find out who inthe Olympic Refuge Foundation (ORF) will get the charity benefit.


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