The first finals took place today!


After the rescheduling, the first six finals took place today at the Olympics in Tokyo!

And it was record breaking day!

Women’s Four

The Women’s Four was won by Australia, who also set a new Olympic Best time (6:15.37). The Netherlands finished with silver and Ireland with Bronze. Record breaking again, as it was the first Irish Olympic Rowing medal for women.

  1. Australia (6:15.37)
  2. Netherlands (6:15.71 +0.34)
  3. Ireland (6:20.46 +5.09)

Men’s Four

The Men’s Four was also won by Australia, who set another Olympic Best time (5:42.76), followed by Romania and Italy.

  1. Australia (5:42.37)
  2. Romania (5:43.13 +0.37)
  3. Italy (5:43.60 +0.84)

Women’s Double Skulls

Another record was set by Romania’s double of Ancuta Bodnar and Simona Radis, who took gold and set a new World Best Time of 6:41.03 – followed by New Zealand and the Netherlands.

  1. Romania (6:41.03)
  2. New Zealand (6:44.82 +3.79)
  3. Netherlands (6:45.73 +4.70)

Men’s Double Skulls

The Men’s Double Skulls was won by  the French duo of Boucheron and Androidas – followed by the Netherlands and China.

  1. France (6:00.33)
  2. Netherlands (6:00.53 +0.20)
  3. China (6:03.63 +3.30)

Women’s Quadruple Skulls

The Women’s Quadruple Skulls was won by China, setting a new World and Olympic Best Time, followed by Poland and Australia.

  1. China (6:05.13)
  2. Poland (6:11.36 +6.23)
  3. Australia (6:12.08 +6.95)

Men’s Quadruple Skulls

The Men’s Quadruple Skulls was won by the Netherlands, setting a Olympic Best Time – followed by Great Britain and Australia.

  1. Netherlands (5:32.03)
  2. Great Britain (5:33.75 +1.72)
  3. Australia (5:33.97 +1.94)

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