Sweep and Scull Maintenance advice

We got an enquiry from Seema Khehar of Putney Town Rowing Club

Hi Rebecca,

Quick query for you – I (and a couple of others from PTRC) bought our
Dreher Sculls from you. Is there any maintainence I can do on the
sculls – the shaft and spoons are getting pretty battered. We were not
sure if there was a product we can use to spruce up again…

Kind Regards


Here is our reply:

Suggested Maintenance

  1. To clean the sculls, use white spirit twice a year – this removes all grease and watermarks.
  2. Wash the handles using detergent and a sponge to keep grips grease-free every week.
  3. When you come in to land turn the spoons so the tips are down to the ground and don’t allow them to scrape along the ground as this wears out the back of the spoon.  The back of the spoon is important for hydrodynamic lift https://www.rowperfect.co.uk/news/hydrodynamic-lift-why-its-important-in-oar-and-scull-design/
  4. Pushing off from the bank, square the blade so it pushes equally off the length of the spoon tip so one part doesn’t wear more than others

Replacing scull parts

Ultimately, the sculls will wear out.  But the Dreher design is modular.  It is comprised three parts – handle, shaft and spoon.  If you want to replace one part we can do this for you.  For example, if the corners of your spoons are worn we can replace just the spoons and you an re-use the shafts and handles and get a refurbished set of sculls for a good price.

Each scull blade £66.55
Each scull shaft with button and sleeve £83.19
Each scull handle £45.00

Labour £25 per hour.  It’ll take one hour to change the spoon or shaft.  You can replace the handles yourself with an 8mm spanner.

We consider it important for clubs and individuals who own Drehers that if you have a breakage or your sculls wear out, you can get them refurbished without having to go to the expense of buying a whole new set.

Tideway Scullers School had a quad set of Big Blade Dreher Sculls- they chose to replace the spoons on these and then to re-use the old, more worn spoons with new Club scull design shafts and handles (Club sculls are cheaper) thus making up two quad sets for less than the price of a new set.

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