Hanging Oar Racks “Very impressive” says Norwich RC

We think that the products we sell help athletes and coaches to move boats faster and improve rowing and sculling technique – but it’s important that you find this out for yourself and that’s why we encourage customers to test out our products.  Below we have the user reviews from one of our Space Saver Oar Racks, used in April, 2011.

Product: Space Saver Rowing Systems Oar rack



Max Heron from Norwich Rowing Club.  Max is considering the racking for the new Whitlingham Boathouses building project.

User Review:

  1. What comparable equipment do you usually use?
    1. Self produced timber racks, mostly horizontal, built over the years by club members
  2. How long was it used?
    1. In use for 3 weeks for 2 sets of 8 oars.
  3. What were your first impressions?
    1. Very impressive space saver; safe; secure; easy access; well received by crews
  4. Was it easy to use?
    1. Easily fixed; very straightforward
  5. Did you do any tests to compare to your previous equipment? .
    1. Much safer and more convenient than conventional horizontal oar racks or slots currently used for vertical scull racks. No instances of any oars falling out or dropping.
  6. What did the coach think?
    1. Very positive.
  7. What did the athletes / cox think?
    1. Very positive.
  8. Anything else you want to tell us that could help us improve our service or product range?
    1. A simple but very effective piece of equipment.

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