Squat technique

776BC athletic clothes, rowing clothing,

Squat technique is difficult to learn. Using Innovative clothing that maps your body you can see more clearly how you move and learn the correct lifting technique faster.

The Team at 776BC design performance clothing.  They have markers on the outside so it’s easier to see how your limbs are moving and a coach can make technique improvements more easily because they can see how you’re moving.

776BC athletic clothes, rowing clothing,
776BC clothes for performance

Their Motion System highlights key bio-metric markers and lines on the body. To clearly show how you’re moving in every session.

  • Assess Movement – Features bio-metric and anatomical lines and points to assess movement.
  • Focus Attention – Focuses your attention on the correct body points and segments ensuring higher quality movement for longer.
  • Perfect Technique – The Motion System gives you the tools to perfect your technique and improve your performance.

Squat weight lifting technique

So let’s take a look a two videos for the Squat with the athlete wearing 776BC clothing.  Front view and Back view.

Squat technique – get the structure right so your core can control and coordinate the weight, ensuring the strongest muscle groups generate the power. With set-up ensure hands aren't too wide, a tighter position with elbows pointing down braces your back and shoulders, keeping a strong structure down and up. Watch the horizontal lines across the spine line to ensure there's no imbalance left or right. The key focus is watching the glute markers (R12/L12) – these should move in sync with the bar – if the glutes markers move before the bar as you drive up it means you've lost your structure, putting more pressure on your back. Your glutes need to initiate the drive on the way up. Getting this coordination right is key to maximising your form & numbers. #movewithmotion #776BCMotion

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And Front View

Squat technique – it’s easy to get it right, equally easy to get it wrong. Don’t load up before you get the basics right. For correct posture ensure you keep the chest & shoulders up. Watch the centre sternum Motion line on Josh's top as a cue as it drops directly down between the knees. Make sure the knees (R15/L15 markers) stay controlled & directly above the ankles on the way down and way up. Power through the hips, watch the hip markers (circles) driving forward. Get in front of a mirror to check your technique. #movewithmotion #776BCMotion

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2 thoughts on “Squat technique

  1. Adrian says:

    Re squat technique.
    Maybe more interesting than this design performance clothing are side views of the squats showing movements of the hip, shoulders, back and legs.These need to be shown.

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