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Sports Science article on Body Accelerations predicting power

Was browsing the web and found this article about “pattern and stroke consistency” in rowing.

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Was browsing the web and found this article about "pattern and stroke consistency" in rowing.

R. Anderson, A.J. Harrison, and G.M. Lyons1
Department of Sport Sciences, 1Biomedical Electronics Laboratory, University of imerick, Limerick, Ireland

The training and competition regimen of athletes at the elite level is highly intensive and demands rapid feedback regarding their performance. The aim of this study was to determine the kinematic parameters which correlate with power output per stroke on a RowPerfect boat simulator. Optimal movement patterns for each kinematic parameter were determined for ten elite lightweight rowers. A measure of time/area away from this optimal movement pattern was used to show consistency of movement. A stepwise regression indicated that shoulder and hip acceleration were correlated with power output per stroke (R=0.7, p<0.01). These results illustrate the viability of a training regimen utilising accelerometry based real-time biofeedback.

And the Research concludes:

The ability to train on a boat simulator that can assess movement patterns and stroke consistency in realtime, indicating to the rower whether they are outwith specific limits is an exciting prospect. Future research will concentrate on using biofeedback to improve technique and/or movement pattern consistency within elite and novice rowers.

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