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We are breathlessly awaiting The Sport of Rowing by Peter Mallory.  Rowperfect is one of only two websites in the world who will be selling his epic book.  We are currently taking advance orders, and you may indeed need to order in advance because it looks like these will sell out before they even make print.  Below we’ve posted a recent letter from the author:

Greetings after a couple of months of silence while I worked hard to complete the final draft of The Sport of Rowing.  It ended up being 2,565 pages from the dedication to the end of the index.  Special thanks to Mitch Orfuss and Tom Weil for their protean final reviews of the text.  The manuscript was completed successfully and delivered to the printer in Pennsylvania several weeks ago.   Both editions will be shipped to purchasers in less than two months!

The reason that I am sending out another newsletter now in early August is to announce that the entire print run of the standard edition will be just 500 copies.  You will recall that the 300-copy collector edition sold out last April in less than a week.  Now it appears that the standard edition will soon also sell out.   There are fewer than 250 copies left for all of North America and the rest of the world. 

There are only two internet sites worldwide for you to purchase a copy of the standard edition.  It is available right now at Row2K for $95 USD plus shipping, and at Rowperfect for ?95 in the UK.

I am planning to be at the Head of the Charles in Boston on October 22 and 23, and if there are still copies available for sale in the U.S. by then, I will personally take your credit card order and have a picture taken of you and me.   Your standard edition set will then be shipped to you with the photo, my signature and a personal dedication.   (The four volumes weigh 19 pounds, so nobody would want to carry them around at the HOCR!)

In addition, starting in October, there will be a very limited number of standard editions for sale at Richard Way Booksellers in Henley-on-Thames in England and at our publisher, the River Rowing Museum, also in Henley.  On Saturday, October 29, I will sign and dedicate individual copies purchased at the Rowing History Forum at the River Rowing Museum.  I will also be speaking there on some of my adventures doing the research upon which my book is based.

Rowing History Forum

Details concerning the 2011 Rowing History Forum are available here.  I have not yet had the privilege of thanking in person all of my British and Continental friends who contributed so much and so generously to my research, so I hope to see many of you in Henley on October 29.  Spread the word.  There is no better place to spend a Saturday than at the River Rowing Museum.


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  1. Fran Butterfoss

    Trying to get a copy of Mallory’s The Sport of Rowing. My husband is an avid rower who just celbrated his 40th Year Reunion at Class Day for Penn Rowing in Philadelphia. He rowed for Ted Nash, was on the championship Penn Crew in 1972 and an alternate at the Munich Olympics. He tows on the erg all winter and continues to row in a local club in Virginia. He has competed at the Master’sLevel – I’d love to locate a copy of these volumes as a surprise gift to someone who loves the sport, but seems they are all sold out – help!!Fran

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