Special offer for next 30 purchasers

Rowperfect has found some fun new book marks made by Albatross Bookmarks.  They keep your place marked in the book.  We found them on Indiegogo (a crowdsourced funing website) and decided to support the product development with a donation.

You are getting the bookmarks we helped fund.

Made out of polypropylene and with repositionable adhesive, the bookmark can last a long time and without damaging any pages. The product works on any book, pocketbook, sketchbook or diary.

Once you have finished reading the book, leave the Albatros bookmark in place for the next reader, or simply discard it.

We have bought 30 bookmarks and so the next 30 physical orders we get in our online shop will have one popped into their delivery – as a gift, from us to you.  We’re sorry but if you buy a ‘virtual’ product like and ebook you won’t be getting an Albatross Bookmark.

Thank you for supporting Rowperfect!

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