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Sophie’s stretching poster

Stretching is something we all know we need, but few of us actually do regularly. Sophie Mackenzie has … read more

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Stretching is something we all know we need, but few of us actually do regularly.

Sophie Mackenzie has made it easy but teaching us what she learned during her time as an international racing for the New Zealand team by designing a poster with all her fave stretches in one place.

Why design a poster for rowing stretches?

Over the last couple of years friends, family and clients would ask me “what stretch can I do for …” so I would show them the stretch and get them to do it.  But mostly they forget after 1 week what the stretches were.

Life’s busy so remembering to stretch and how to stretch, usually isn’t high on the priority list. And so I thought if I created a poster with specific sections dedicated to targeting main areas then it would help us all to remember to stretch regularly.

The poster includes a dynamic warm up stretching series which Sophie called “Flow” and looks perfect for crews to do together.

The poster is A2 in size and comes rolled up – it’s not framed.

Sophie MacKenzie, athlete stretches Sophie MacKenzie athlete stretches and flex. Copyright photo © Steve McArthur / RowingCelebration

If you live in NZ – buy Sophie’s poster from her website.  She doesn’t offer overseas shipping and so if you’d like a copy, buy it from Rowperfect and we’ll do the shipping for you!

Stretching for Rowing A2 poster Stretching for Rowing A2 poster

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One thought on “Sophie’s stretching poster

  1. […] I am not a physical therapist, but here’s a poster by Sophie MacKenzie detailing her top rowing stretches […]

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