Sell your old Concept2 and buy a Rowperfect

Lots of people tell us that we would love to upgrade to a Rowperfect from an old Concept2.   And we have found a way for you to get closer to your goal.

If you re looking to sell your Concept2 rower in order to upgrade to a Rowperfect then get in touch with the company Rowgear who are always looking to buy used and second hand indoor rowers for refurbishment.

Rowgear tell us that they buy old Concept2 models and refurbish them for re-sale.

The money value of your C2 can usually be agreed over the phone and immediate payment is made by bank transfer direct to your account.

For a quick no hassle sale contact them at

Rowperfect and Rowgear are not related businesses and no commissions are made by either.

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