Second Hand Rowperfect for sale

Colin Lawson has decided to sell his Rowperfect.  It has an interface.

Contact him direct for your own discussion and pricing. His number is 07886 922103

3 thoughts on “Second Hand Rowperfect for sale

  1. Laara Dance says:


    can you please email me back if your Rowperfect is still for sale?

    I am in Brisbane, Australia and cannot get Mark Campbell to sell me a NEW one – hence, my need to get access to ANY one.

    Can you please let me know what condition it is in and how much you are asking? Of course, I would need to arrange shipment halfway around the world. Unless of course, you know where I can find another one!

    Best regards,

    Laara Dance
    +61 7 3491 7986

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