Scullers Mirror for right and left side

I have already bought your item “Cap-Mounted Sculler’s Mirror – Rear View Mirror for Rowing and Sculling Right on Your Hat- Full & Wide Back View For Your Rowing Safety” and I am very satisfied. The one I have fits onto the right of my hat. Have you got a similar item to fit onto the left of my hat ?

Scullers Mirror for rowing and coxing
Scullers Mirror for rowing and coxing

Now here’s the cunning thing – the very same mirror works on both sides of your hat.  Just invert the mounting and pop it onto the other side of your hat.

Alternatively, buy a second mirror for the other side….

Or buy Two Scullers Mirrors and save.


By the way, it’s also very useful for Coxswains when they are steering Head Races…. see who’s coming up behind your crew without turning around.

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  1. David says:

    Hello Rebecca , just started rowing and I’m really enjoying it…live on the Chesapeake bay and purchased a heritage 15’ skiff…I would to purchase the mirror mentioned and also that rowing cap, love the logo on the cap …any suggestions on where to purchase , thank you.

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