Scull and Sweep oar deflection comparisons

Recently following a thread on RSR I did some research into the three major oar manufacturers and what they say about how their oars and sculls perform in a deflection test.  when a 10kg weight is hung from the neck of the blade.  This gives a comparison of the relative stiffness of each design.

Scull & Oar Deflection tests      
      Soft Medium  Stiff 
  Sculls C2 5.15 +/-
4.55 +/- .25cm*  3.95 +/- .25cm* 
    Dreher 3.4 cm 2.9 cm 2.4 cm
  Sweeps C2 4.45 +/-
3.85+/- .25cm*  3.25 +/- .25cm*
    Dreher n/a 3.6 cm 3.0 cm
  S2  scull 6.5 – 8.5 cm Deflection at Tip    
  S3 scull 6.9 – 9.0 cm Deflection at Tip    

M2 Sweep 5.0 – 6.5 cm Deflection at Tip    
  * Stiffness is measured in terms of
the deflection in the oar when a 10kg weight is hung from the neck
  ** Croker measures deflection at the
tip not the neck.

Deflection Test image Image from C2

Sources: Concept 2 and Dreher. Croker came from their NZ distributer.  I couldn't find deflection data anywhere else.

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