Rowperfect welcomes Jim Joy to the RowingChat podcast: get an exclusive interview…

Rowperfect on September (23rd, 9pm UK time) welcomes Jim Joy to the monthly RowingChat  podcast to open his mind up for the rowing community.

Jim is an expert at coaching the flow of rowing and describing how a coach can change depending on the athlete. His style makes it easier and more effective to teach rowers while he coaches based on their learning style. He’s also a highly regarded and experienced coach and holds coaching seminars where he can pass on his rowing knowledge to others. Coaches and athletes alike have learned from Jim and his teachings have resulted in more than 60 medal winning rowers in only 1 Apprenticeship Program. As a coach, he is an expert at teaching the flow of rowing.

Eventbrite - Rowperfect: RowingChat with Jim Joy - Free

Global dates and times for the chat

  • UK – 23rd September at 9.00 pm

  • USA/Canada EST – 23rd September at 4.00 pm

  • USA/Canada PST – 23rd September at  1.00 pm

  • New Zealand – 24th September at 8.00 am

  • Australia – 24th September  at 6.00 am

Find out more on the RowingChat website.

2 thoughts on “Rowperfect welcomes Jim Joy to the RowingChat podcast: get an exclusive interview…

  1. Howard Niemi says:

    For Mr. Joy.

    I am a 64 year old male in my 2nd year of sculling. I am having trouble getting good consistent catches. Could you describe what your hands should be doing from the recovery through the catch. Do you have any favorite catch drills or any words of wisdom regarding the catch?

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