Rowperfect visits the Lea Rowing Club

We were invited by the Lea RC to visit their club night and work with the coaches and athletes on training methods, tricks and techniques for using RP for a club.

The Lea owns a RP with an interface and the DOS software.

Will Riley kindly organised the evening and here's what he said afterwards….

On behalf of all of those Lea members who benefitted from your expertise and patience last night thank you.  I hope they will be able to take what they have learnt and use it in the boat.  On my part I will work on Frankie to get another Rowperfect with bars, so we can have at least two scullers ‘feeling for the catch’ in the club.  I am sold on the technology finally something that feels like a boat on dry land which can help you break down the stroke to target and measure the improvement in your weak points. Wasn’t interesting to see the core stability and flexibility issues in the Juniors, coupled by the inflexibility of the Seniors!!



And our reply….


Thanks for the ringing endorsement!

I am convinced that as soon as coaches get confident using the RP they’ll see the benefits in their crews on the water immediately.  The athletes learn so much faster when they have true realtime visual feedback – as you witnessed.

It is very clear about the core stability which you spotted so quickly… plus inflexibility – but that affects us all!

Go on with the fund raising!  I’ll put you on the ‘wish list’ of clubs wanting a new RP

Best wishes

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