Rowperfect SoundCloud: 6 Chats to Boost Your Rowing Knowledge

RPUK Soundcloud

Get more out of rowing with the Rowperfect SoundCloud

We’ve got 6 RowingChat podcasts up on our SoundCloud now so go listen in on what expert rowers and coaches are saying, completely free.

Technique & Training

Hear how world renowned rowing coaches compare different techniques and what techniques they use to make the boat go faster. Listen to how Duncan Holland builds up his athletes, or the way Xeno Müller and Tim McLaren’s techniques help their athletes go for gold.

Rowing Stories

Find out how the best in the rowing world got to where they are now. Their stories are both inspiring and full of helpful  anecdotes for your rowing life. Become riveted by Carlos Dinares’s journey on the Rowperfect, and follow the path to Olympic Gold Medals for rower Ben Hunt-Davis and coach Robin Williams.


They’ve shared their knowledge and passion just for you.


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