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Rowperfect software using joules and energy measures

A reader question Hi – does RP3 software show average joules per stroke for a session? Or do … read more

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A reader question

Hi – does RP3 software show average joules per stroke for a session? Or do we have to calculate this from total energy / total number of strokes? Also, can total energy be in joules, or is it only in Kjoules. If it’s only in Kjoules, can it show decimals, or is it only displayed to the thousand?

Ave jules/stroke would need to be a manual calculation at present.

At present power, stroke rate , 500 mtr split and Drive to Recovery ratio are displayed in the session summary box at the end of a programmed workout (i.e. you must first set the session you are doing into the software).

Energy is displayed in kJ. At present these are whole numbers eg. 51kJ.

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