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Rowperfect Seminar follow-up

The Rowperfect post-bag had an interesting email from Sarah-Kate Millar, Head Coach of Kings School Worcester.

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The Rowperfect post-bag had an interesting email from Sarah-Kate Millar, Head Coach of Kings School Worcester. She had downloaded the slides from Jim Floods Rowperfect Seminar Coaching: Achieving the best results possible.

Hi Jim, I was reading your notes from your presentation in London in March and had a couple of questions for you. I am currently completing my MSc in sports coaching and looking at rowing coaches behaviours. I have used four expert rowing coaches here in England as my subjects. Have you found any articles specifically on rowing and communication? I have one good article fromCanada, but thats about all. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

And here is Jims response

Hi Sarah-Kate

Thanks for your interest – and Im keen to share information and ideas. Ive not found anything specific to rowing and communication. Ill check with my colleague Charlie Simpson and Ill have another look myself. Have you looked at this book Athlete Centred Coaching

Can you let me have a reference for the Canadian article?

Hi Sarah-Kate
Best wishes

Anyone else who wants to see the slides from the event, they are available for free download. Please circulate them to your rowing coach – and remember to credit Rowperfect and Jim Flood.

[Sarah-Kate approached Rowperfect to ask for advice on the coaches she studied for the MSc. We provided introductions to the Cambridge University Lightweight Mens Boat Club head coach, Nick Brown.]

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