Seminar 2007.

Coaching: Achieving the best results possible presented by Jim Flood

Jim Flood, rowing coach

This year’s Rowperfect Seminar is about the skill of coaching presented by Jim Flood. This workshop is about two things: the knowledge and communications skills of the coach and how to balance the boat so that the best possible results can be achieved.

The session was led by Jim Flood, he coaches at Reading Rowing Club and also occasionally at Malmo Rowing Club in Sweden. He has been a consultant on the ARA Level 2 Coaching Award and has written “Know the Game: Rowing” for the ARA which will be published in June of this year. He is keen to see good practice in coaching adapted from other sports who have developed further in this area.

Jim's slides show the notes pages where he details the background resources and challenges he used in the workshop for the attendees to discuss.

Rowperfect Seminar Slides 2007

A high resolution version of the slides is available by email

Seminar 2006

Seat Racing presented by Duncan Holland

As the newly appointed Chief Coach of Cambridge University Boat Club,
Duncan suggested that selecting athletes using seat racing was a key
skill that "nobody actually teaches you how to run". Rowperfect was
delighted to offer Duncan a packed house audience to hear his
suggestions about how he finds effective seat racing as a selection
tool. The questions from the audience were a highlight of the

Duncan's slides detail how to run a seat racing session.

Seat Racing Slides

He also showed us a fictional example of the results of a set of
seat racing using a "spider" diagram to illustrate the wins and losses
and how they sat in relation to each other when athletes had not been
directly raced against each other.

Seat Racing Examples

Seminar 2005

Training to Perform presented by Paul Thompson

Paul is the ARA Chief Coach for Women and Lightweights.

He presented a detailed account of the training his crews undertook
during the year leading up to the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, where
he led the coaching team to produce three medal winning boats.

Seminar 2004

British Rowing Technique presented by Rosie Mayglothling

Rosie is the Technical co-ordinator for the Amateur Rowing Association.

She presented a fantastic slide deck which details every part of the
sculling stroke using images of Tracy Langlands sculling in Varese.
This slide deck formed the basis of a nationwide tour of the 12 regions
of the UK rowing organisation to which these slides were presented by
International Coaches. Rowperfect came on the tour with the ARA,
leading a workshop on Techniques and Drills to apply British Rowing

Rosie's slides remain copyright with the ARA.

but here are copies …GB Rowing Technique

Seminar 2003

Athlete Testing Protocols presented by Martin McElroy

Martin McElroy – Associate Consultant
Martin McElroy coached Great Britain's Olympic Gold medal winning rowing eight to victory in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.
He also founded and developed a high performance training centre
for athletes that yielded four world championship medals and an Olympic
gold in three years.

Martin's areas of specialism include human performance
improvement, leadership & personal development coaching and high
performance teams.
He has an MBA in the Management of Innovation and is an accredited Human Performance Improvement consultant.

Testing Protocols Slides

Each protocol has a one page summary on how to run the test on the Rowperfect Rowing Simulator.

There is a Rowperfect DOS software file available (.ini) for five of the protocols. If you want to upload it "ready made" into your computer. Test Protocol Files

Protocol Sub Maximal

Protocol Strength Power

Protocol Step Test

Protocol Anaerobic Capacity

Protocol 1000m

Protocol 500m

See the new Rowperfect Indoor Sculler model – a major redesign to include a lowered flywheel, improved digital display and unique spring-loaded handle.

 RP indoor sculler - pre production model  A pre-production model Rowperfect Indoor Sculler

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  1. MICHAEL Richmond says:

    Hi mr jim flood-i am a senior citizen of 70 years old and to keep this message short-i wish to obtain details of the build of yo simple built wooden rowing machine–i.e.–using spare bicycle parts–dimensions & costs & other singular parts needed to be able to take up the great sport of competitive rowing.

    I doubt whether you have the time or the inclination to bother with us !! Oldies !! Who wish to take up this life lengthening excercise–but here,s hoping-michael richmond.

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