Rowing Statistics: A new rowing App for Android

RowStat App for Android Smartphones

RowStat is the latest project by Barrie Robinson, creator of the OarRATER stopwatch.

RowStat is a new rowing App, for Android users designed to improve the performance of rowers, rowing coaches and officials.  Barrie has kindly given the Rowperfect readership a 90 day FREE trial.

Here’s what he writes in the publicity…

The RowStat app is simple to use and will provide you with all of the necessary statistics you need to row faster. By using RowStat you will be able to measure your stroke rate, air:water ratio, speed, distance, elapsed time, split time, GPS and GPS splits, and much more. lt also  allows you to export all of your data for further analysis.

The RowStat main menuBy looking at the RowStat app’s home screen you can immediately see it has a simple to use interface, which means you can spend less time learning how to use it, and more time rowing.

What’s better is right now you can try RowStat FREE for 90 days. To get started simply download and install the RowStat lite App from Google Play onto your Android device. Then all you need to do is either visit the website or email the RowStat team to get your own ID and password so that you can start using RowStat while you row.

Did this App help you row better? We want to know what you thought of the RowStat App, so let us know or leave us a comment.

We also kinda like the cute android in a rowing boat logo he’s designed!

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