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Rowing Problems? Junior 2x combination

Introducing a new blog article series – we help you get your questions answered. Photo credit: York Press … read more

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Introducing a new blog article series – we help you get your questions answered.

Photo credit: York Press Photo credit: York Press

It can be a lonely place being a rowing coach – there’s just you on your bike cycling down the tow path. Sometimes you would like to ask an opinion of your peers – coaches like you who are facing the same situations at their club.

Rowperfect is here to help.

Post your questions to us by email or in the comments and we’ll share them with the community and let the Rowperfect News readership help you out.

Today’s question comes from John who coaches juniors in Dunedin, New Zealand.

I’ve teamed one of my best J18 scullers with a new boy who’s just joined the club. Both are excellent scullers but the new boy comes from a strong eights sweep background whereas my athlete has principally sculled.

I have 6 weeks before the Maadi Cup schoolboy national championships – what’s the best way to get them combining well and going fast in a double scull?

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