Rowing Poem: A Christmas training programme

I saw Father Christmas out rowing
With his crew of reindeers to
Oh sure they weren’t ever going
To be fully Olympians
But they made a jolly fine happy
Strong Christmas rowing crew

Old Rudolph was stoking with
Prancer and Dancer and Vixen
And Donder and Blitzen and Vixen
And Cupid making up the eight
With old Santa in the Cox seat
Keeping the whole thing straight

And when I asked why they did it
Old Santa replied in fact to me
That its jolly good aerobic exercise
Before heading off into the night sky
Delivering presents to everybody

Moreover in fact back in Toyland
Where they had started off that day
They used ergo times and fitness tables
To determine which reindeer would
Indeed pull the Christmas sleigh

After all said Santa it’s a lot of work
With many miles to get through
Before night turns into day
And there are a lot of reindeer
Who talk a good fine sleigh ride
But it’s the tuff ones that you want always

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