RowingHack: Rowperfect cable hack

Thanks to the University of London Boat Club for sharing this neat hack to keep the cable from your Rowperfect or RP3 dragging on the floor.  Typically a dragging cable can be a trip hazard or a break in the the cable and the wire parting company near the plug / socket and you having to buy a new one.

We had a problem with the USB connection on the RP3s – the connection on the female plug kept bending because of the repeated flexing at that point. I got these cable clips for a couple of quid from Amazon and seems to be working well.  Thought it might be something you could share around if others were having the same problem.

Great solution.  Anyone else got tips / hacks to share for ANY rowing related tip or quick-fix-with-a-bit-of-ingenuity?

Rowperfect computer cable hack
Rowperfect RP3 cable drags on floor – solve with clips up the main frame.

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