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Rowing Direct – a new site to buy & sell rowing gear

Rowing Direct is a new site which we are hoping to grow dramatically. We are a classified ads … read more

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Rowing Direct is a new site which we are hoping to grow dramatically. We are a classified ads site so users can advertise there items they want to sell at a small price. In the first month of the site being launched we had over 250 unique views, and this was from only advertising over Rowing Directs Facebook and Twitter pages. The locations that we are targeting are the UK for the moment but if things go to plan we would like to open the site to more countries.

Unfortunately at the moment we are not VAT registered but we will be looking into that in the near future.

Free launch offer

Being that Rowing Direct is a new site we are offering FREE listings to all users, the reason for this is that we want users to get a feel for what the site is about and money will not put them of giving Rowing Direct a chance.

The motivation into why Rowing Direct was set up is that we feel like there is no modern way in advertising second hand or even new items to a wide audience, and no other site offers instant posting with text and pictures. The hopes of Rowing Direct in the future is to get every one in the rowing community to advertise with us, one way that we have made sure this is possible is the ease of use, so that all abilities of computer knowledge can post their item.

Another way that we are trying to get people to post their items with us that that we are giving away the first 50 items listed on out site completely FREE, the reason behind this idea is that in recent times people do not want to part with their money if they do not feel confident it will benefit them, so this is the opportunity for people to experience what Rowing Direct has to offer, and to try to be a regular service of theirs.

Also when a item has been posted on Rowing Direct a link will be published on our Facebook and Twitter accounts so the item will be advertised over three different sources. You can head over and check Rowing Direct out at : or also email us with any questions about the website at

Rowing Direct home page
Rowing Direct home page
Rowing Direct advert
Rowing Direct advert
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One thought on “Rowing Direct – a new site to buy & sell rowing gear

  1. My Cambridge college (Lucy Cavendish) has need of a single skull for female training. But we don’t have much money for this. I want to help to raise funds for one, but what should we look for and where? Many thanks

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