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Rowing coaching resources from Rowing Victoria

We found this awesome page of detailed information on the helpful Rowing Victoria website.  In our experience, great … read more

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We found this awesome page of detailed information on the helpful Rowing Victoria website. 

In our experience, great resources like this don’t always stick around, so download and save copies for yourself locally.

Thanks for sharing.

Sports Medicine for Rowing advice

Rowing Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Larissa Trease, and Lead Physiotherapist, Kellie Wilkie, have put together the following documentation for rowers and coaches to assist in injury prevention and management.

Each of the following are additional past sheets written to assist in providing a framework for clubs and schools to put a program in place to foster development.

Ergo Program – Advised sessions for use on the rowing machine

Strength Conditioning – Advised training plans for Under Age, Clubs and Masters Athletes

Technique Guide – Outlines key elements on the National Technical Model for use by all athletes and coaches

Training Speed Table – Boat speeds and ratings for each boat class

Training Standards – National benchmark scores for athletes used to assess training progress and potential

Recommended Gearings – Rowing Victoria endorses the gearings listed for use by all athletes in both State and National pathways

Training Zones – Definitions of National Training Zones T1 to T6

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