Rig Up Your Life Lesson 7: HOW YOU SHOULD RIG


We’ve covered a lot so far. And if you’re like most of the folks that have got this far there is a certain specific question that your dying to ask, Okay, let me know. How should I rig? Hold on one second while I go off on a small tangent.

In the first edition of Mike Davenport’s books Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging , he wrote that one thing that bugged the heck out of him about the rowing world was that there was a serious lack of written material on rigging, especially coming from the manufacturers.

When you bought a boat you hardly got anything to help you with the rigging. People would spend a lot of money, sometimes more than on a new car, and basically the only thing they got was a hardy

Good Luck!

Well, we are happy to say, things have changed. For example, Vespoli USA has an Owners Manual that you can download right from their Web site (www.vespoli.com). Concept II (www.concept2.com) has a great site full of information. And there are also other examples (www.durhamboat.com and of course www.rowperfect.co.uk). Yup, some manufacturers have really gotten on the customer service band wagon. The Web is really helping a lot. Hopefully, things will keep improving.

Okay, so now back to the question at hand, How should you rig?

Basically there are two ways: the right way and the wrong way. The right way works and the wrong way doesn’t. Pretty simple.

Well, what is the right way?

Mike Davenport considers the methods in his books and web site the right way, but confesses, they are not actually his own, he’s stolen them and tells us over the past years he’s been fortunate enough to hang around and be taught by some pretty smart Riggers and coaches. How did he repay them? He stole their techniques — although I prefer to think of it as inheriting them. But that’s okay, most of them inherited their methods from someone else.

Now we would like to pass them along to you.

We hope you have enjoyed this course and we wish you the best in your rigging and rowing.


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