Cox Box Security Storage Box

We know your team has expensive rowing equipment, and despite the chummy atmosphere of rowers at regattas, races and practices, you want to keep it safe.  Welcome to the SSRS Security box, where you can protect and recharge your electronic rowing equipment.

You can keep your Nielsen Kellerman (NK) coxboxes safe and charged with 10 custom-designed spaces manufactured just for this equipment.  There is also a square tray for Coxmates, or you can get one flat tray which works for speed coaches.

Things you should know

  • Specifically designed for marine environments
  • The door has an electronic combination lock
  • Door is hinged from the bottom and secured so it won’t go clammering to the ground when opened
  • Additional trays can be purchased to hold up to 20 cox boxes and speed coaches
  • The unit comes standard as unwired, to allow you the flexibility to wire the plugs to a multiple socket power block to suit your needs
  • Purchasers use the security box to store their coxboxes at regattas, and move them around on a trolley

Get yours today, because why just store when you could protect and recharge?  Learn more here. Or if you’re ready to buy – go to the online shop.







Cox Box is a trademark of Neilsen Kellerman Company





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