Quirky Rowing Websites: Boathouse Finder

This brilliant global resource Boathouse Finder is a glorious blessing for the rowing world.  A Global, yes you read that correctly, worldwide list of rowing clubs, schools and universities.

They used to print a book each year – but now it’s a website resource.  so if you want to find a place to row on holiday, go on camp or have a business trip and fancy a paddle – where else would you find this quality and quantity of information?

  • Go and find your club – move the pin on the map to your country approximate location, tick the box of club type and submit….off it goes…. I love that it searches by latitude and longitude.
  • Search for a boathouse worldwide
  • Read about classic and modern boathouses
  • Read their extensive resource of articles (sadly not updated since 2010)

Help the team keep BHFinder.com up to date – log in and update your club’s information.  Please share this post around your friends.

You may log into BHFinder.com to update the data yourself (providing you have access rights; if you do not, you can request them) or you can use the attached form to fill-out offline and email it to us.

Thank you for helping us keep this valuable and useful content up to date!


BHFinder Team


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