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Quarterly Fundraising Ideas

Rowperfect brings you a collation of the diverse actitivies which rowing clubs undertake in order to raise funds. … read more

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Rowperfect brings you a collation of the diverse actitivies which rowing clubs undertake in order to raise funds.

Fund raising progress, Hanley Swan The target ...

Austin Rowing Club came up with a Rowing and FlashMobs project

Developed by Brock Sampson, this fits into the fundraising/ giving back to the community – It certainly is a different slant using rowing to help the wider community.

The essence of the campaign was encouraging donors to sponsor a child to learn to row and participate yourself.
Garcia had a friend in Seattle who participated in Row to the Future, and Garcia saw what a difference it made in his life.

“He can row indoors and make good grades,” Garcia said of his friend. “He said that everyone, no matter if they were tall, skinny or good in sports, had to learn because it was new.” Garcia ended by saying that the reason for his letter was that he wished for an indoor rowing program in his school in Austin.

Mars Refuel for UK sports clubs

Supporting their launch of a new sports drink by offering grants every month for the next 6 months – these can be spent on equipment, travel and other expenses.  Read the full details here

Text to donate to your athlete of choice

Lastly an SMS donation system from the New Zealand under 23 team who are using TxtPay.  They allow funds to be directly channeled to the athlete of your choice

  1. Signup to (takes about 2mins)
  2. Txt “rower $##.##” (input the amount you/ any masters want to contribute).
  3. Corporate Rowing collects all of the funds raised and sends them to Rowing NZ and sends a thank you txt to all who contributed.

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Or buy a copy of the ebook  Fundraising Tips for your Club

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