Proof online coaching for rowing works

Can you help us answer this question we got from a reader – He’s a lightweight man training at a UK club.

Hi Rowperfect, here’s some proof that online coaching materials work – last week I did 8079 in my half hour r20.

I watched the video on the RP site of the chap at a conference [Carlos Dinares] talking about how to improve [connection in] rowers by making them focus on how locked their lower back feels relative to their legs at the catch and thought about it all the way thru my half hour tonight. Result – pb of 8150.

I’ve had a long weekend in my single too so wasn’t feeling too great too,
It all came from rowing better. Have attached an image of a typical force curve from when I was paddling light after – what do you think, I worry about it’s wonkiness!

C2 ergo force curve


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