Praise for RowingChat podcast

We got these spontaneous emails from listeners after interviewing Jim Dietz on RowingChat earlier in the week.RowingChat

Thank you for another great interview, and for presenting my question with your fabulous posh accent!

I too wish to thank Tideway Scullers for beginning the tradition of challenging top eights with boats rowed by scullers.  The results have been interesting, especially in Boston (HoCR), where the scullers, having already raced their championships on Saturday, return on Sunday with sweep oars to face fresh crews.

Ned Orrett

Loved hearing Jim – it was a GREAT chat! Thank you for these Rowing Chats.  It did actually cause me to go to your coaching site and I may subscribe after I have the opportunity to read up on it more!

Posted it on Facebook, too!

Thanks for all! 

Pat Tirone

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